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Wurstfest is an annual celebration of German heritage, food, music and fun. From its humble beginnings in 1961, the event has exploded into one of the top-rated festivals in Texas, drawing tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The festival is steered by the Wurstfest Association and its board of respected community figures.


The Wurstfest Board sought to modernize their marketing approach. Many members felt that after more than 50 years, the festival needed a unified Brand facelift and increased electronic and social media capabilities in order to speak to a blossoming demographic; Enter The AMMO Group.


AMMO produced a variety of original marketing strategies and presented them to the board, who approved a marketing campaign based on the use of “Sprechen sie …?” to showcase the variety of sights, sounds and activities available to Wurstfest attendees. Collateral bearing headlines such as “Sprechen sie FUN?”, “Sprechen sie Polka?”, “Sprechen sie Family?”, etc. were released in the weeks and months leading up to the festival. Public opinion of the campaign was overwhelmingly positive. Additionally, the typeface and layout of the new marketing materials modernized the festival’s image while simultaneously retaining the very recognizable Wurstfest logo. Old and new were married for wild success.

A coordinated initiative was made to provide Wurstfest with a presence on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, along with the creation of a periodic e-newsletter to keep subscribers informed on festival updates and to foster continued excitement about the festival. In addition, was given a complete overhaul in keeping with the theme of modernization and to solidify the brand. The capability for the online sale of admission and drink tickets was a particularly popular new feature of the updated site.


Within the first few months of the marketing facelift and initial social media push, Wurstfest earned over 31,000 Facebook fans. That number has continued to expand to over 113k followers. The page is often abuzz with questions, comments, announcements, and general LOVE for this wonderful festival. This interactivity keeps fans engaged in the festival and promotes effortless viral advertisement for the event as fans tag their friends in posts or share Wurstfest content to their personal pages.

The media blitz paid off, with the festival enjoying record attendance every year since The AMMO Group took over marketing and media management in 2013.

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