Business Communication

Yeah, but does it sell?

Think of one of your favorite Super Bowl commercials. Now see if you can remember who it was for.

Brands often get so involved in building messaging around something funny, startling, beautiful, or gimmicky that they forget to include their goal of growing their business. For the record, there’s nothing wrong with being funny, startling, beautiful, or gimmicky as long as they help you reach your goal.

At AMMO, we follow a tried and true process that helps ensure success. Maybe try this.

1. Learn about yourself – What makes you necessary?
2. Learn about competition – Why should someone buy from you versus them?
3. Define your goal – Note this says “goal” instead of “goals.” Keep it simple.
4. Define your market – Who is your perfect customer? Where will you find them?
5. Create messaging – Use information gathered in Steps 1-4 to develop compelling, attention-getting, goal-oriented creative.
6. Deploy marketing – Get that messaging out there in the best possible media for your market. You’ll know this from Step 4.
7. Measure success – Did you see success in reaching your goal?
8. Revise and Repeat – Make any needed adjustments to steps 4 and 5 and do it again.

Over time this process should help your marketing become more and more efficient and your goal more and more attainable.


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