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Adapting Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

There can be little doubt that your business has been greatly affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. What can you do to help your company survive during, and in the wake of, this unprecedented circumstance?


Please consider the following guidelines while adapting your marketing strategy to deal with COVID-19:


– If your fulfillment process is impacted by COVID-19, communicate clearly in order to manage expectations with your customers. Being forthcoming right now could avoid complications and dissatisfied customers down the road.

If you expect currently planned events to be cancelled, begin developing your statement. Consider the possibility of a live-streamed digital alternative to keep your customers engaged while practicing government lockdowns and social distancing guidelines.

– Change your digital strategy. For weeks, people have been bombarded with terrifying, negative news at every turn. Provide relief through lighthearted, “human interest” content and information, not just sales pitches.

Secure media early. Many businesses will be looking to secure advertising space when the dust settles in the wake of COVID-19. Have a plan in place now.

Listen to your customers. Encourage them to engage with you via social media channels. Utilize social listening tools to monitor what people are saying about your brand during COVID-19. Take these findings to heart and utilize them to steer your brand.

DO NOT use COVID-19 as a quirky marketing strategy. There is nothing quirky or cute about a global pandemic. Your campaign will come off as tone-deaf at best — highly insensitive and insulting at worst.

Consider what content is essential or non-essential right now. Perhaps it would be best to postpone a press release or product launch until a more opportune time. Your audience likely has larger concerns at the moment and your message will flop.

Carefully review all communications, including ads, for tone and content. No matter your experience level, it is perilously easy to come across as tone-deaf. Get a second, third, or even fourth pair of eyes on your content, campaigns, and all messaging.

Frame content to speak to the prevailing needs of your customers. Be in touch with the current situation.


Marketing is a dynamic challenge on the best of days. In these uncertain times, a bit of tact and a lot of foresight can help you get relevant messages out to your target market. Be sensitive, be mindful, and be prepared to pivot as needed.


Good luck!


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