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Crafting Your Company’s COVID-19 Response for Social Media

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is wreaking havoc for individuals and businesses across the globe. While it is important to express your company’s position, especially if your products or services have needed to pivot significantly in response to the pandemic, you must do so with care.


Please give the following suggestions serious consideration when communicating your company’s COVID-19 response to the public:


Take care not to incite panic in your customers. Terrifying news is bombarding them wherever they turn. Do your best to be steadfast and reassuring. Do not fan the flames of fear.

Clearly and openly communicate changes in your business operations.

– Where applicable, highlight how you are still serving customers.

– If your business continues to operate, discuss measures you are taking to protect your staff and customers.

Provide resources from local health organizations and resources relevant to your business or industry.

Check the source of your information before sharing and avoid sharing disinformation. When in doubt, refer to the CDC, WHO, and your local health organizations.

Thank your customers for their continued support during this difficult time.

Let your customers know you look forward to serving them again as soon as you are able.

Tell your customers where they can find updates on your status.

Share your message via email list, social media, and website.

Avoid virtue signaling. If your business is not affected and nothing has changed for you, there’s no need to post. Instead, consider posting ways to support local businesses, such as neighboring businesses, that are affected.


These unprecedented times require tact, patience, and understanding. With the right amount of sensitivity and professionalism, you can produce COVID-19 communications that are helpful and informative.


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