Our Weirdest Search Queries + Optimizing Paid Search Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is serious business, but sometimes it can provide a few laughs. At AMMO, our digital marketing managers optimize our clients’ paid search campaigns on a regular basis. We frequently find search queries (actual phrases people Googled that resulted in a display of our ads) that make us raise an eyebrow, such as:  


  • halter top wedding dress with horse hair skirt
  • Toddler pageant dresses for rent
  • customize belt buckle scooby doo gucci belt
  • strap for your belt buckle for your vehicle
  • belt buckel do the dew
  • belt buckel that says gaga 2020
  • belt buckles with brass knuckles come off
  • new brainfels fest
  • are there any creams for stinky feet
  • My left heel hurts after I eat
  • Yes google I need to know something about dr for the feet
  • [clinic] corvette testing


It goes to show that you cannot predict what wild things people will plug into their web browser’s search bar. So it pays to have trained professionals monitoring your paid search campaigns to ensure that your ads don’t continue to appear for searches for toddler pageant dresses when you only sell wedding and prom dresses. While we can’t imagine more than one person repeating the searches above, we still added them to our negative keyword lists to be safe. If we’ve learned over the years, it’s always to anticipate crazy on the internet.


“Set It and Forget It” Methods Don’t Work For Paid Search Campaigns


A sound digital marketing campaign is built on a foundation of optimized, relevant, precisely-targeted content. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Digital marketing (including paid search, display, SEO, and social media campaigns) requires regular, diligent monitoring by someone who knows what to look for and how to adjust tactics to get the most return. If you’re looking for a “set it and forget it” or DIY advertising method, paid search isn’t it. Paid search campaigns require careful keyword research, building negative keyword lists, and compelling copywriting – and that’s just to get your campaign off the ground. After your ads are live, you need to observe, understand, and optimize performance over the life of the campaign. As if that isn’t already a big undertaking, the digital marketing landscape changes rapidly, making it crucial to keep abreast of shifting targets and ever-changing algorithms. Digital giants like Facebook and Google seem to love making huge changes to their advertising platforms as soon as you become comfortable with the previous update. Fortunately, it’s our job to stay on top of marketing best practices and platform updates so you don’t have to.


Ready to AMMOptimize your digital marketing?


When you partner with AMMO for your digital marketing, we go above and beyond just getting you clicks and impressions. AMMO excels at monitoring digital advertising campaigns to ensure that our clients are getting the most bang for their buck. We don’t use “copy and paste” or “set it and forget it” methods. We continually strive to improve your campaigns and keep ’em fresh. For paid search campaigns, that includes optimizing target keywords, monitoring search queries, building negative keyword lists, keeping an eye on your competitors, and more. We always anticipate new digital marketing trends and shifts. Above all, we ask ourselves what ELSE we can do to help your campaign (and your business) succeed. 


Contact AMMO today to discuss how we can help your business stay on top of its digital game. We’re exactly what you’ve been searching for.


AMMO’s Weirdest Search Queries: Illustrated By Randy

Your treat for reading this article. You’re welcome.

A drawing of a foot stabbed with a fork illustrates a Google search that says "My left heel hurts after I eat" A silly illustration of a Gucci belt featuring Scooby Doo accompanies a Google search query that reads "customize belt buckle scooby doo gucci belt" A cartoon illustration of a toddler wearing a dress next to a for rent sign accompanies a Google search query that reads "Toddler pagaent dresses for rent" A Google search that reads "halter top wedding dress with horse hair skirt" is illustrated. The drawing depicts a bride in a beautiful wedding dress with a horse tail attached to the skirt.


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